Day 16


“Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned.”  (Romans 5:12)

God created human beings to live a life of uninterrupted joy and communion with God in a world where sin, disease, and death were nonexistent. Then entered the tempter, Satan, in the form of a serpent who tempted Eve, who in turn tempted Adam, resulting in the worst catastrophic event that is the origin of all other catastrophies.

In Genesis 3:1-7, we find that Satan lures the then innocent Eve through appealing to the beauty of the forbidden fruit, the appeal of its power to impart wisdom, and the promise to make them God’s equal.  All the while, the devil implied that God was holding back something good from them. By the way, Satan hasn’t changed his tactics.

This one action, the fatal bite of the alluring fruit, resulted in Adam and Eve and all of their heirs being born spiritually dead and alienated from a life with God. Also, the world began a downward spiral of sickness and death that created an ever-worsening disintegration of God’s creation. Our bodies still remain, but our souls are tainted with sin leading to an ongoing antagonism with God and His best for us.

The Bible refers to this as a curse that has fallen on the world. This curse is like a foggy haze that surrounds us with the smell of smoke in our nose and gives us blurry vision. We labor to breathe and all the colors we see are muted and dull. At the same time, we have become acclimated to our environment so much that the haze seems normal and we do not know what life would be without it. We need a Redeemer who will clear the air and restore us to a world we have never known.

Application of God’s Truth

It is easy to get used to a sinful habit to the point of excusing and even by building props around it to keep it going. Invite God to clear the air by identifying what has come between you and Him.