Inclement Weather Policy

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Because Worshiping God is one of the core values of Mount Zion, every reasonable effort will be made to preserve our weekly schedule of services and activities.  If conditions for travel are unsafe early in the morning, they are often cleared up by our 11 AM service time; so as a first response, we may invite everyone to attend our 11 AM worship service. If possible, a live webcast on Facebook will be available and the sermon will be available on our website within a few days of the service for those who are unable to attend.

Only extremely hazardous weather, impassable travel conditions, severe damage to facilities, and/or power outage at the church will cause a complete cancellation. A determination of church program status will be made and communicated as soon as possible.  The goal will be to make a determination by 6 AM for Sunday services and by 2 PM for Wednesday evening activities.  Obviously there maybe circumstances which make these timelines unrealistic so we appreciate your understanding when that is the case.


Changes in our church schedule will be communicated in the following manner:

  • Website – A banner will be posted on the main page of the church website stating the change in schedule.
  • Email/Newsletter – A church-wide email will be sent to all members who have email access and who subscribe to the weekly newsletter.
  • Social Media – There will be a post on Facebook pages (Mount Zion, MZS, and MZK) stating the change in schedule.
  • LIFE Group Leaders – Adult LIFE Group Leaders will be informed if there is a schedule change and will be asked to contact their group members by phone to inform them of the change.

If there is NO CHANGE to our church schedule, there will be NO COMMUNICATION.

Regardless of weather conditions, please use your personal judgment to determine if it is safe for you and your family to leave your home and travel to the church.