Vancouver 2015

Vancouver is one of the most unchurched and lost cites in North America.  Less than 1% of the 2.3 million people in metro Vancouver are believers in Jesus.  Buddhist outnumber Baptist almost 2 to 1!  However, the major religion of Vancouver is atheism with 42% of the city not believing in anything.  96% of the people in Vancouver have never heard the Gospel!  It is also one of the most diverse cities in the world.  There are over 200 language groups represented among to people of Vancouver with 35% of the population Asian.

Participants on this trip will serve on a ministry team with a church planter in the church’s context.  What students learn through ministry experience throughout the day will be reinforced through a daily worship gathering with church group devotions. There will also be some free time before the missions start to explore the city and learn about the culture.

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